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Love Products Ltd

Is a family business, our story began in 2010, with a trip to South America where we learned the principles of growing Pampas grass.

The numerous hours it takes to seed, crop, control and dye Large Pampas grass is such a nurturing job it was love at first sight. Every customer we advice and communicate with, as a special place in our heart.

Maybe we spend too much time with plants, but nature is so intriguing and works in such symmetry, we try to reflect that harmony onto others.

Today, we are privileged to connect with hundreds of customers every month.

We offer exceptional products for all occasions.  We decided on a name for our company, something that reflects our way of thinking towards nature and humanity as whole.

Welcome to Love Products.

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Our Mission

Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person at a time, to build a business built on conscience and delivered with love.

Our products

Our suppliers take great care and import is a major cost to our business , but we believe that our customers work hard for their money and deserve the highest standards of quality.

Our Stores

Our stores are online based , we have stores on Amazon , Etsy and Ebay with hundreds of satisfied clients, and guarentee satisfaction in our products .

Our Partners

We offer some of the finest pampas in the world, grown and prepared by the finest people.

We believe in treating our partners with respect and dignity. We are proud to call them friends 

Our Team

Tony Passos

Managing Director

Gabriel Passos


Ebru Passos

software and product development